Big Data and Analytics

Big Data and Analytics gives you the competitive advantage

Executives and employees alike can make better decisions with Big Data and Analytics.

Why is Big Data important?

Big data is driving higher levels of performance across many sectors.  When coupled with data analytics it is creating a competitive advantage between the haves and the have nots.  Big data is large and complex data sets that when analyzed sheds light on opportunities that may not have been clear before.  Because the data is so voluminous and unstructured traditional methods of data handling such as SQL databases is not enough.

The Cloud..

The cloud is the key technology that is enabling big data set analysis.  It offers cheap storage, and data analysis tools that can power through data.  In addition, it allows for advanced analysis of data sets utilizing AI and Machine Learning.  But even with great technology valuable analysis depends on curation.  The data must be cleaned and organized in a what that enables Analysis.  Data scientists are crucial for this function.

The BeCloud Difference

BeCloud can move you into this arena.  We recommend taking incremental approaches for most businesses.  The first step is to get your data into Data Lakes or data repositories.  We have relevant experience utilizing AWS Snowballs, VPN and AWS DataSync to move voluminous and disparate data to the cloud.

 Trust your data move to the professionals.

 Gain broad and deep capabilities by hiring BeCloud!


James Phipps 16 November, 2021
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