Customer-First Cloud Journeys: How BeCloud Guides You to Success with AWS

For organizations navigating complex cloud migrations, having an experienced guide makes all the difference in reaching the desired destination. With an AWS Data Center coming to Mississippi customers are already asking BeCloud to plan additional workload migrations.

Becloud understands the pivotal role partnerships play in digital transformation journeys. With our core values of customer focus, growth mindset, integrity, responsiveness, and technical expertise, we empower customers to move and architect cloud workloads efficiently while optimizing costs, security and performance.

As your migration partner, BeCloud leverages tools like the AWS Well-Architected Framework to elevate architectures while keeping the customer's business needs at the center. The Well-Architected Framework was recently expanded to include a Migration Lens, this provides targeted guidance for transitioning to the cloud with excellence.

In this article, we’ll explore how BeCloud harnesses the AWS Well-Architected Migration Lens and framework to enable successful customer migrations. With examples from real-world engagements, we’ll share how our technical expertise, customer-first approach, and commitment to excellence clear a path for cloud outcomes that work.

Navigating Migrations with a Customer Focus at Heart

For BeCloud, the customers perspective is paramount. Our architects take time to understand each organization's unique landscape, challenges, and objectives. This informs migration plans tailored to specific business goals, not just generalized best practices.

By assembling cross-functional customer teams for Well-Architected Reviews, we foster alignment and knowledge sharing. Participants gain hands-on experience with tools like the Migration Lens, enabling continued learning beyond engagement completion.

Ongoing communication and transparency give customers real-time visibility into progress and next steps. Issues are rapidly escalated and resolved, exemplifying our commitment to responsive customer service.

This customer-centric approach was also instrumental for a law-firm migrating documents from traditional Windows-based network shares to a cloud-native architecture. Deep collaboration and architectural reviews uncovered rouge, unsecured consumer grade applications in the environment such as DropBox and OneDrive, because traditional VPN’s limited document collaboration.

Responding swiftly to this challenge, BeCloud AWS Certified Architects recommended remediations like adopting containers, open source, and S3 object storage minimize modernization costs. Our cloud-native microservices design improved mobility and collaboration while also enhancing security with the addition of multi-factor authentication. The AWS Well Architected framework was embedded through out the migration process to ensure a quality end product. We continue to manage and optimize this workload through BeCloud Managed Services utilizing the Well Architected Framework.

Sharpening Expertise through the Migration Lens

BeCloud views each engagement as an opportunity to further refine and apply our existing knowledge in unique ways, ensuring even more optimized cloud migrations for our clients. By diving into customer environments, our architects hone their skills and gain deeper insights into specific industry challenges, constantly enhancing their ability to deliver tailored solutions.

The Well-Architected Migration Lens supports this continuous learning by providing structured evaluation frameworks we can apply to diverse customer scenarios. As we conduct more reviews, we build knowledge around security considerations for regulated industries, cost optimization tactics for enterprise workloads, and cloud-native patterns for modernization.

This expertise then transfers back to customers through actionable recommendations, design improvements, and cloud best practices tailored to their needs. The Migration Lens acts as a guiding light as we journey through transformative cloud projects with our customers, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the cloud.

Committing to Customer Success with Migration Integrity

For BeCloud, integrity means upholding our commitments to customers and consistently delivering excellent service. Using tools like Well-Architected Reviews demonstrates our rigorous approach to migrations and managed services.

By leveraging the Migration Lens, we validate workload readiness, reveal risks early, and identify critical priorities, giving customers confidence in our analysis. Collaborative remediation planning reinforces our commitment to risk mitigation and secure architectures.

Post-migration, we continue demonstrating integrity via success tracking and optimization reviews. With our Managed Services offerings instead of vanishing once workloads are shifted, we stick around to ensure customers realize ROI and desired outcomes, underscoring our goal of long-term partnerships.


Smooth cloud migrations require meticulous navigation based on in-depth customer knowledge. At becloud, our technical expertise, customer-first approach, and unwavering commitment to excellence equip us to chart migration courses that work.

Contact us today to learn more about how we make IT work for you through Well-Architected Reviews, architecture design, and specialized migration services. With becloud as your guide, you can confidently navigate your cloud journey towards success.

James Phipps 28 January, 2024
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