Enable Remote Work

For SMBs looking to foster a productive, flexible working environment, providing secure, real-time remote access to users is a top priority.

However, for SMBs that run their digital workplace tools and applications on-premises, maintaining a secure and high-quality connection to users can be a challenge.

Challenges solved

Becloud has resolved the following issues for clients by moving entire operations into AWS infrastructure.

  • Slow pace of innovation and time to market due to constrained real-time communication and collaboration across dispersed locations.
  • High risk of data breaches due to increased endpoint security vulnerabilities and inability to deploy VPN protection at scale to remote workers
  • Poor user experience and performance of applications due to latency issues arising from users trying to access centralized applications at the same time.
  • Escalating business costs associated with running legacy on-premises servers and infrastructure, as well as deployment costs. 


As organizations look to navigate the post-COVID economy, many SMBs are shifting towards a flexible working environment to rationalize business costs such as office space and hardware that would be needed to support office-based workers.  To facilitate this new way of working, organizations need a digital workplace that provides, fast, secure and easy access for users to corporate applications and information from anywhare, any device and at any time allowing them to remain productive and collaborate across remote distances.  BeCloud has developed solutions for our customers that solve all those issues and more.  AWS infrastructure and tools is now our default way for setting up networks.

James Phipps 4 November, 2021
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