Five reasons why DaaS is a great choice

Businesses are modernizing desktop infrastructure to better support remote and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workers.  The Desktop-as-a-service model is a great way to enable those workers and more. Here are reasons to consider Daas:

1. Enhanced security

DaaS has builtin security because it turns an endpoint device into a control device for computers running in the cloud.  The cloud desktop is isolated in a cloud environment and sends secure streaming screenshots to your endpoint where you can control mouse movements etc. remotely.  No data is actually stored on your local device.

2. No geographic limitations

With DaaS you can work from anywhere with an Internet connection.  Of course you can do this with traditional VPN's but the streaming protocols are faster and more responsive since all the data is stored in the cloud.

3. Pay for what you use

You trade in high capital upfront investments for only what you use. For example, engineers require workstations with great graphic card capabilities.  Those hardware cost are expensive.  You can run that expensive software in the cloud only for projects while purchasing a cheaper endpoint device.  With Daas, you don't need the localized graphic processing power.

4. Extreme Agility

Most DaaS implementation give you more control over the desktops. You can publish applications to certain users and/or create images to quickly scale up or down depending on business requirements.

5. Disaster Recovery

With Daas, you no longer depend on a single site.  Redundancy is built into the solution.  The DaaS provider is built to handle one of there Data Centers having a power outage or other issues.  Most times you would continue to operate.   

James Phipps 10 November, 2021
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