Hi-tech baby monitor that you can control from your phone
A step closer to an AI enabled babysitter

When I was recently looking for a baby shower gift, one of the first products that came up in my google search were Nanit baby monitors. This device has amazing reviews and its technology is futuristic with machine learning software along side an app on your phone! Looking at all these features made me realize they probably utilize cloud infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Upon further research my hunch proved correct.

Nanit is a baby monitor system that combines advanced machine learning with a beautiful mobile interface to make your life easier. Nanit monitors your baby's sleep and provides feedback through illustrated cards and gentle notifications. Nanit has been designed from the ground up for new parents, with input from over 1,200 families. It's simple to set-up and use so you can spend more time enjoying your baby.

A step closer to an AI babysitter

This smart device is an excellent example of how technology will continue streamlining, automating and informing every day routines. It includes machine learning which combines algorithms with real-time monitoring. The end result allows the device to determine the baby's sleep patterns and offer gentle, informative notifications. Even more interesting than the hardware is how it's built utilizing AWS services like S3, AWS Lambda and Cognito.  These are some of the same services we utilize and manage on a daily basis at BeCloud. Including Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the software stack allows Nanit to deploy new features, like night vision and zoom, quickly and securely.


A Dashboard puts information and control at your fingertips

In addition to keeping a watchful eye over your little one, Nanit works as a nightlight, music player and temperature monitor. Nanit's SmartFeed includes both activity and temperature sensors, so you can keep track of everything that's important to you and your family. And since Nanit is always learning, even more features are constantly added based on real-world feedback.

The new version of Nanit features a mobile app that not only gives parents access to their baby's information but also helps them take control of the entire system via their smartphone.

The baby monitor utilizes 256 bit encryption, which is the same standard banks use to secure financial transactions. This added security is ideal for families who want extra peace of mind.

Nanit is a great example of how AWS technologies can be applied to solve real life challenges such as work productivity and data security. The ability to scale out applications to more users and devices increases the value of cloud implementations. Since BeCloud is often used by companies with cloud based solutions, it would be great if there was more general awareness about our services and how AWS solutions can benefit your organization. We have a broad portfolio of services and use cases for your review. Please email us at sales@becloudit.com to discuss how we can help your organization.

To find out more about Nanit, please visit their website at https://www.nanit.com/

James Phipps 2 August, 2022
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