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Over the past few years, Amazon Web Services has become the go-to cloud computing platform for large companies and small businesses alike. One of AWS's biggest selling points is its vast resource pool. However, this often comes at a price: fluctuating costs can lead to unexpected expenses that force companies to make budget sacrifices.

This is where BeCloudIT comes in. We provide an affordable alternative that gives enterprises - big and small - access to AWS without unrealistically sacrificing performance or functionality.

BeCloudIT has developed a cost optimization service that allows businesses to achieve cost savings without sacrificing performance, functionality, or security. At the heart of this service are the following four main components:

The BeCloud Audit:  

We utilize the AWS Billing console and other tools to get down into the weeds quickly to discover the services that are costing you the most. In consultation with you, we run through each of those services and look for ways that we can make them more cost-effective. This is the starting point for our investigation because we want to have the biggest impact early on in the consulting engagement.

The BeCloud Optimization:

We implement our proprietary optimization techniques to help you reduce costs dramatically. This includes finding and eliminating costs that are no longer necessary, and leveraging technology and experience to identify inefficiencies.  For some of our clients, we set up Cloud Watch alarms to proactively monitor billing.

The BeCloud Security Assessment:

Some services have built-in security measures, while other services have layers of security that can be turned off, given the right config settings. In either case, we will make sure you computer systems are protected before we launch your changes.

The BeCloud Transformation:

 The end goal is to change the way you do business by helping you to consolidate your services and resources affordably. This includes embracing a DevOps culture that encourages reusable, highly scalable, and innovative solutions.

Customers of BeCloudIT have seen major cost savings that go as high as 25% on some services.

BeCloud has successfully reduced costs by:

- Eliminating resources that are not used.

- Discovering inefficiencies and ways to optimize resources.

- Keeping customer's systems secure at all times.

Looking for more information on BeCloudIT? Check out our website and feel free to contact us anytime!

About BeCloudIT:

Our experience allows us to have a proprietary insight that others simply don't have. That, combined with our highly skilled workers and detailed analysis, gives us a competitive edge at securing cost savings for our clients. For more info about BeCloudIT, visit our website

James Phipps 22 April, 2022
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