Optimize Cost

Cost optimization is possible

BeCloud is always looking for ways to save our customers money when utilizing cloud resources. Here are some areas we check first.

Monitor for Cost Anomalies

The cloud is agile.  So, you must constantly monitor your bill to make sure you can respond to any anomalies before cost spiral out of control.

Release Idle Elastic IP Addresses

AWS accounts are allowed up to five Elastic IP addresses per account, But when Elastic IP addresses are idle or not used, AWS charges you for them.

Delete Unused EBS Snapshots

Taking  EBS snapshots as part of normal disaster recovery is important.  But you should monitor the snapshot because they will incur S3 storage costs. 

Optimize S3 storage types

There are various s3 storage tiers.  BeCloud can manage and monitor storage utilization to make sure your organization is utilizing the storage efficiently.  If unsure, consider using S3-Inelligent Tiering, which automatically selects the optimal tier.

Utilize Reserve Instances and Savings Plans

There are many options for purchasing compute: Spot, Savings Plans, On Demand, Scheduled and Reserved.  Depending on workloads a substantial amount can be saved when utilizing any of the options over On Demand pricing.

James Phipps 16 November, 2021
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