The Next Gen AWS Managed Service Provider Checklist

Those looking to move beyond being a reseller to deliver cloud services don’t need to do it alone. There’s a growing number of companies that need advanced support of AWS services. Mission-aligned managed service providers can offer a bundle of services to companies already working with or migrating to AWS.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that provides technology services for other companies. They often provide maintenance, support, and installation of software and hardware. MSPs range from large enterprises to small firms providing a single service to large corporations. In the United States, Canada, and Australia MSPs are also often referred to as managed service providers (MPS). The term cloud computing can be used synonymously with MSP or managed services, but it usually refers to computing as a service model as opposed to an MSP model where the customer owns the hardware.

The traditional MSP business model is rapidly evolving.

Customers are demanding comprehensive cloud-native solutions that reduce costs, improve business agility, increase security, and empower organizations to focus on their goals.  Make sure that your MSP checks the following criteria:

  • Focus on business outcomes that go beyond the health of individual resources.
  • Focus on customer success.
  • Strong architect and design skills.
  • Building and migration expertise.
  • Operational management including cost reduction and opportunities for improvement.

A traditional MSP or systems integrator usually recommends a lift and shift of current resources to the cloud.  I've heard of a company spending $390K/month on windows 2003 instances.  That's not an efficient use of the cloud. A Next Gen provider implements clouds services to fit the workload while decreasing costs.  Contact BeCloud for more information on how to utilize cloud resources for your specific use case.

Optimize Cloud Resources.

Trust the certified Cloud Architects at BeCloud

James Phipps 7 February, 2022
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