The Next Level of Security is in the Cloud
How AI and ML Enable Real-Time Threat Response

The Escalating Threat Landscape - Your Adversary

Today your organization faces a sophisticated, evolving adversary: the cybercrime threat landscape. Attackers' capabilities are expanding exponentially while legacy security tools are leaving gaping blind spots in your defenses.

Verizon's 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report revealed web application exploits have surged to become the #1 attack vector. Yet most companies still struggle to maintain security visibility and control across cloud environments.

Meanwhile, hackers are rapidly innovating with evasive new tactics, techniques, and procedures. Malware variants skyrocketed 340% year-over-year according to Fortinet research. The MITRE ATT&CK framework catalogs over 300 of these advanced adversary tactics, ranging from island hopping to counter-incident response.

You are stuck in a losing battle. Your overburdened security team races to keep up with threats innovating at machine speed. 70% of incidents overwhelm responders, enabling stealthy attacks to slip by while analysts chase false alarms.

Fighting Back with AI, ML and the Cloud

But there is a way to regain the advantage: AI and machine learning have reached a maturity tipping point where they can help you turn the tables on your cyber adversaries.

AI gives you an intelligent security assistant - able to ingest signals from across your on-prem and cloud infrastructure to expose subtle anomalies and relationships pointing to stealthy threats. This allows responding to risks that evade traditional signature-based defenses.

With continuous machine learning, the system adapts to identify new attack patterns in near real-time. This keeps your security posture up-to-date against hackers' ever-evolving tactics.

Automated responses enabled by AI can contain basic threats instantly while complex incidents are escalated to your security team. Analysts are freed from repetitive tasks to focus their specialized skills on higher value hunting and investigation.

Transforming Cloud Security with AI/ML

With AI and ML as your ally, your cloud security posture can be transformed:

Holistic visibility detects threats that slip past limited legacy tools by continuously analyzing events across your entire hybrid environment. Noise is filtered out so you focus only on credible priority incidents.

Automated responses allow you to get ahead of attacks by containing basic threats in seconds before they spread. Analysts can spend more time hunting sophisticated threats versus reacting to alerts.

Continuous adaptation keeps your defenses tuned to the latest attack patterns. Adversary innovations like new malware or zero days are detected fast before they can scale into breaches.

Together this reduces business risk, improves productivity, and maximizes your security ROI. AI and ML give your overmatched team the advantage against an onslaught of threats.

Enlisting Your AI Allies with GuardDuty

A key benefit of AI is enabling real-time automated response to threats before they cause damage. Amazon GuardDuty is an example of how this can be achieved.

GuardDuty uses integrated machine learning to continuously analyze tens of billions of events across your AWS accounts and workloads to detect threats. This expands visibility beyond what limited human analysts can achieve.

But the automation power comes from tightly integrating GuardDuty with other AWS security services via events and APIs:

  • Isolate compromised EC2 instances automatically based on signs of cryptojacking or command and control activity.
  • Block detected malicious IPs engaged in port scanning, brute force attacks, or unauthorized instance access.
  • Revoke permissions to sensitive S3 buckets being exfiltrated by unauthorized users.
  • Update WAF blacklists instantly to block newly detected command and control traffic patterns.
  • Engage AWS IR teams automatically for specialized response based on severity of threats.

This is achieved by building event-driven architectures using services like EventBridge, Lambda, Security Hub, and more. GuardDuty alerts trigger automated playbooks versus manual processes.

The result is responding to runtime threats at machine speed before they spread. You gain the power to counter adversary automation with intelligent automation of your own.

BeCloud - Your Guide to AI-Powered Security

BeCloud offers experience as your guide in this journey to AI-driven cloud security. We stay on the leading edge of proven solutions ready for customer adoption.

Our experts will demystify AI capabilities and focus on your highest priority needs and gaps. BeCloud leads you through key steps:

  1. Assessing your infrastructure and data to identify vulnerabilities and ideal applications for AI security.
  2. Creating a roadmap to target quick-win AI integrations that will have tangible impact.
  3. Deploying AI-enabled solutions through proofs of concept and pilots tailored to your environment.
  4. Providing transparency into AI decision-making so you can build trust and control.
  5. Continuously optimizing your architecture as new AI innovations emerge.

We can help architect AI threat detection powered by Amazon GuardDuty and automated response frameworks leveraging EventBridge, Lambda, Security Hub and more.

Ready to Enlist AI for Cloud Security?

The gap between the capabilities of advanced threats and overburdened defenders continues to widen. AI and ML are force multipliers that can help you turn the tide.

With BeCloud as your guide, you can illuminate a path to fight back - detecting stealthy adversary moves faster, responding instantly to neutralize threats, keeping your cloud environment secured.

Transform from victim to victor. Contact us today to start mapping your AI security roadmap.

James Phipps 8 January, 2024
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