Why BeCloud's AWS Managed Service teams love AWS fleet manager

Why our support teams love AWS fleet manager

Fleet Manager, a capability of AWS Systems Manager, is a unified user interface (UI) experience that helps you remotely manage your nodes running on AWS or on premises. With Fleet Manager, you can view the health and performance status of your entire server fleet from one console. You can also gather data from individual nodes to perform common troubleshooting and management tasks from the console. This includes connecting to Windows instances using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), viewing files on Linux instances using secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), or updating applications and package versions in real time. Fleet manager makes it easy for support teams with distributed offices to have complete visibility into their server fleets and more easily troubleshoot issues as they arise.

A more secure management of servers

Fleet Manager is secure by default, and it provides a much greater level of visibility into your EC2 instances than you have without fleet manager. When you remote into an EC2 instance using fleet manager, the local user account that launches the fleet manager session will have administrator permissions on the remote system. This means that, as long as you trust that local user account, there is no need for a central administrator to set up SSH keys and whitelist IP addresses or subnets in order to manage your instances remotely.

Easy troubleshooting of node level issues

Fleet manager also provides a "node view" that allows you to troubleshoot issues on individual nodes without connecting to the instance itself. This is a common feature for network administrators who want to see which subnets are associated with a given host, what port those subnets are using, and the geographic location of where that host is located in case they need to access it remotely. More importantly, you can use this view to gather data so you can use other AWS capabilities such as Amazon CloudWatch or Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) to troubleshoot issues. You can also use fleet manager to confirm that a given instance is patching, as well as which operating system and version are running.

BeCloud AWS Managed Services

There's a lot of complexity to managing systems infrastructure—from having critical visibility into the health of your fleet, to quickly resolving issues where they arise. BeCloud utilizes Fleet Manager to manage and tame the complexity of infrastructure management for our Managed Services customers. If you have any questions about Fleet Manager please contact us. Becloud is the leading provider of fully managed AWS cloud services. Our platform and service offerings help you to migrate your technology infrastructure to the cloud and enable your business to run on AWS. From designing, deploying, administering and securing your AWS environment, we can make it all happen – on demand, in the cloud. Visit us at www.becloudit.com.

James Phipps 28 March, 2022
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