BeCloud is changing the lives of Mississippians
Through our BeCloud Institute of Technology Program

When you do business with BeCloud, you are investing in Mississippi's future.  We leverage opportunities, relationships, corporate and state partnerships to hire, train and promote people living in Mississippi.  It is our way of giving back.  We have been asked to extend our training programs nationally, so who knows what the future holds but we will always have a significant commitment to where this all started for us - right here in Jackson, Mississippi. 

For those who qualify, The BeCloud Institute of Technology is a one-of-a-kind program that focuses on providing hands-on training and real-world experience on the latest Amazon Web Services Cloud and related IT technologies.  Our cohorts are even paid a great hourly wage for their work.

If you know someone who is driven, trustworthy, self-motivated, has an outgoing personality and loves technology please have them apply immediately.

Specifically, minorities in Information Technology, Women in IT, Computer Science graduates, and other degreed professionals are highly encouraged to apply to the BeCloud Institute of Technology. We are also seeking to recruit engineering majors from all majors, especially from the STEM fields.  In addition, paralegals, medical office managers, teachers and other professionals who are looking for exciting and challenging technology career opportunities are finding success in digital transformation sales and IT project management through our program.

We focus on minorities because they only account for about 36 percent of the IT workforce; African Americans have a small share of that with around 8 percent. Many IT positions are unfilled, so it is important for the IT industry to focus on aiding minorities with training and career mentorship.  Here at BeCloud we recognize this disparity, and we aim to supplement the talent pool by mentoring interns through the BeCloud's Institute of Technology programs.

Within the IT workforce, diversity is an even more important and critical topic because many technologies are maturing in this field. For example, the number of cloud computing jobs has doubled in the past year to more than 400,000, according to Gartner. IT managers say that the maturity of cloud computing is one reason for the upsurge in hiring. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and emerging technologies like quantum computing will require more workers to apply these skills, and in general, those who are not well educated in these areas are at a disadvantage. In Mississippi, only 1.5% of engineering graduates are women and 0.7% are black, according to the Mississippi Development Authority. How many engineering graduates stay in Mississippi? How many of them find jobs? How many of them are promoted and move up in their fields? The math is not good. To provide more opportunities, it makes strategic sense to encourage diversity and to improve training opportunities.

If you live in the Jackson, Mississippi metro area

Apply to our Digital Transformation sales consultant training program - Availability is limited!

Through this unique training program, you will gain an AWS practitioner certification, project management training and the skills necessary to gather customer requirements. You will coordinate and handle stakeholder communication for exciting digital transformation projects and solutions for our customers.  

The end goal is to offer cohorts full-time jobs with BeCloud after successfully completing our rigorous training program.

Apply here

There is a large demand for people with IT skills.  For example, in 2022 there were more than 3.97 million tech jobs nationally.

The demand for IT skills has led to a shortage of qualified IT workers in various industries, including health care, manufacturing, and retail. In the past three years, the number of job openings for computer workers has doubled, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Jobs in these industries are projected to continue rapid growth beyond 2020. In addition, technology is moving so fast that recent college graduates are trained in outdated technology. BeCloud has found that we must update college graduates' basic knowledge so that they can compete at the highest levels.

By the numbers, Mississippi is ranked in the bottom ten states for technology jobs per capita. Sadly, we are dead last.  This means there are very few opportunities to work as an IT professional here in Mississippi. But with our lower cost of living, I see a huge opportunity! While we might not see much activity in the state now when compared nationally, working with cloud computing increases opportunities because you can serve clients anywhere-even outside of our state’s borders. During the current boom period, which has come about due to increased cloud services demand from companies who need more cloud expertise than is currently available BeCloud is answering the call. When the tech boom finally hits Mississippi, we will already be ready.

In 2022 and beyond, we expect the following positions to be in high demand: Cloud Architects, DevOps Engineers, Mobile Software Developers and Data Scientists. The BeCloud Institute of Technology will provide the training and resources to help local Mississippians make a career in IT. We encourage those with a bachelor's degree, a passion for IT, or who have been working in the IT field for a few years to reach out to us for more details on how to get started in an exciting and advanced career in Information Technology.

If you live in the Jackson, Mississippi metro area

Apply to our AWS Architect training program - Availability is limited!

Through this unique training program, you will gain an AWS Practitioner certification, AWS Architect Associate Certification with the skills necessary to gather customer requirements and build innovative digital transformation and cloud solutions for our customers.

The end goal is to offer cohorts full-time jobs with BeCloud after successfully completing our rigorous training programs.

Apply here

James Phipps 30 September, 2022
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