BeCloudIT: Helping Arc Technologies LLC. run like a well-oiled machine
A Case Study

Managed Services are a critical component in today's dynamic and competitive business climate. This post is a customer case study about the services that BeCloud LLC. provides for Arc Technologies LLC. Arc provides customized HR software solutions that allow companies of any size to organize manage and track employees. Without BeCloud's assistance and expertise, Arc Technologies would encounter difficulty providing software solutions of the quality they currently offer. BeCloud is a Next Generation Managed Service Provider that allows organizations to focus on what they do best, rather than having to take care of IT infrastructure.

Like many other businesses, Arc Technologies was feeling the pressure of increasing IT administrative burden. They needed a way to free up resources and focus more on supporting the growth of their business. They went with BeCloud Managed Services to support their recently upgraded environment. This is what Cameron Arcemont the CEO of their company had to say about their experience, "At first we felt nervous about handing over the keys to our AWS environment. However, BeCloud quickly won us over with their professionalism and expertise." They continue to take care of the maintenance tasks that were causing us headaches. We no longer have to waste time worrying about capacity, security patches, backups or anything else related to IT infrastructure."

Arcemont and his team simply told BeCloud what the company priorities and needs were. "It was pretty straight forward. After one meeting they got right to work," said Arcemont. Security is one of our primary concerns. BeCloud helps keep ARC's devices secure by managing SSL certificates, enabling two-factor authentication services, installing firewalls, and managing AWS services like GaurdDuty, Amazon Detective, CloudWatch and CloudTrail. BeCloud also ensures that their EC2 instances and other integrated services are running properly. "BeCloud has enabled us to focus on our applications and business rather than having to worry about IT infrastructure," said Arcemont.

"With BeCloud we have a dependable team of IT specialists that work daily to ensure that our applications are secure and running smoothly," said Arcemont. I like the fact that they are very responsive and attentive to our needs. They are looking out for the best interest of our company and keeping us on track."

The Arc Technologies Team had worked with other vendors in the past and have experienced many services that were subpar. "BeCloud has proven to be a value-add service provider. They really have been a blessing," said Arcemont.

ARC Technologies is a cutting-edge pioneer in many ways. They set out to make a difference. They wanted to bring cutting edge HR software solutions to the marketplace with an application suite that would help businesses run better and more efficiently. They have been working towards this goal for over 10 years and have formed partnerships with other organizations who share their vision.

It’s fascinating to learn about companies who possess a unique vision like Arc Technologies and then find someone who can help them achieve that vision. Both BeCloud LLC. and Arc Technologies LLC. are companies that are changing the face of technology and making it more efficient for their clients. "We’ve got a few more projects and security upgrades planned for Arc Technologies, so stay tuned," said James Phipps President and CEO of BeCloud.

James Phipps 26 April, 2022
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