Mississippi doctors keeping up with the latest technology

To better serve patients, especially in rural areas, doctors in Mississippi are upgrading to the latest technologies. The state's physicians are focusing on implementing patient management software, getting more clinics online, and asking patients to be proactive about their health.

A recent report released by the Magnolia State found that population increases are concentrated in rural areas of the state, but the number of physicians is not keeping pace. The number of physicians per 100,000 people ranges from 87.2 in Jackson to 59.5 in Tunica County, and primary care physicians are twice as likely to be concentrated in urban counties as rural ones.

Connectivity is another challenge healthcare professionals face in Mississippi. Rural communities may have only one computer per physician with few broadband options. The Broadband Expansion and Accessibility of Mississippi Act House Bill 1029 recently passed into law. This bill provides for broadband expansion and accessibility in the state of Mississippi. It also includes provisions such as funding a statewide digital literacy program and requiring healthcare facilities to have wireless connectivity. The bill hopes to improve services in rural areas by providing improved access to communications, healthcare, and education tools.

In order to provide patients with better healthcare, doctors must change with the times and make sure they are using the most effective tools to provide patients with quality care. Technology is important in keeping information and data safe and secure for the physician and for the patient, as well.

Patients will also need to be more proactive about their health. The best way for patients to get the care they need is to educate themselves about their own health and discuss any issues with their doctor. Technology can help healthcare professionals and patients communicate better, but it must be used properly to be effective.

This is where BeCloud consultants come in. We provide healthcare organizations with a clear roadmap to implementing electronic health records and other modern technology solutions that will improve patient care and outcomes. This allows patients to have complete access to their online medical records securely, including lab results and prescriptions, and allows physicians to spend more time providing care.

Mississippi physicians are becoming more aware of new healthcare innovations and the benefits they offer. Many are choosing to add patient management software as well as electronic health records to their practices. According to the Mississippi Center for Health Policy, 83% of all physicians in Mississippi use some sort of technology daily while treating patients. This is a major increase from the 58% recorded in 2005. With more than 1200 doctors, the state has a total of 150 practices that have incorporated online healthcare technology. Online payment portals, patient portals, and online prescriptions are just some of the benefits to using this software.

To better serve their patients, doctors in Mississippi are implementing modern technologies. However, this is a challenge for patients across the state who have limited access to these tools or those who aren't interested in using them at all. The main goal of House Bill 1029 is to improve healthcare facilities and services in rural parts of Mississippi by improving internet access which will allow for implementing patient management software, getting more physicians online, and enabling patients to be more proactive about their health.

James Phipps 21 April, 2022
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