At BeCloud, we are continuing to iterate on the successful automation of our internal processes.  Instead of increasing prices due to market challenges we first seek out ways to use automation that will improve efficiency, profit margins, and other BeCloud Key Performance Indicators(KPI's) through Operational Excellence.  This allows our company to focus on increasing the value proposition of our current Managed Service contracts while keeping customer costs low.  We continue to incrementally improve our services by focusing on how we can help customers reduce risk and improve uptime through the utilization of the latest technologies while at the same time decreasing time spent on routine operational procedures.  BeCloud service subscriptions leverage automation benefits from processes that are repeatable, data-driven, and agile.  That leverage is a key differentiator and critical component of our corporate "Customer Driven" methodology.

"Some internal procedures are done a certain way because it has always been done that way,  Turn that on its head by implementing incremental changes using automation to streamline business processes from Human Resource Management to Service Delivery"

BeCloud is all about automation.  We utilize automation for the service delivery of our SecureIT and ManagedIT services.  That same Intellectual Property (IP) can now be applied to client business processes utilizing our Premium Managed Services offering or through separate consulting engagements.  Our experience shows that businesses with digital transformation initiatives report higher gross margins than a business with lower digital adoption rates. 

Maintaining the highest level of profitability should be the goal of every corporate executive especially in our current hyper-competitive and disaster-prone world.  One way to achieve greater profitability is through Operations Excellence.  Operations Excellence achieved through automation increases business value and can directly improve the customer value proposition.  

Adopting digital technology and automation enables:

Leverage BeCloud's Intellectual Property to enable repeatable process and best practices through Automation for your business!

Improved service levels and customer responsiveness

For example, our Managed Service monitor "disk defragmentation" automatically runs maintenance on customer computers.  If the automated procedure does not work we are alerted and a ticket is created to follow up.

Proactive customer engagement and efficiency

For example,  our customer website monitoring bot alerted us to a customer patient portals' upcoming security certificate expiration.  We resolved this and renewed the certificate before the expiration date.

Reduced service cost and errors through streamlined processes

Becloud is able to do more with a streamlined staff. This directly results in a decreased cost for our customers because we use automation to help fewer employees resolve\prevent issues faster and more efficiently.

Utilize Becloud's Intellectual Property to improve Operational Efficiency

Join us to improve corporate Gross profit Margins!