Wireless access points, computers, and other hardware including automobiles are experiencing tight inventories.

    The current chip shortage is caused by a perfect storm of manufacturing keeping lean inventories and a pandemic that caused an increase in chip demand.  Intel's chief executive, Pat Gelsinger, says that the worst of the global chip crisis is yet to come.  He says Intel would announce new semi-conductor factories in the US and Europe.  Mr. Delsinger warns they will take time to build.  He expects it will take two years to get back to a reasonable supply-demand balance.

    Considering the lack of buffer in global supply chains our recommendations for any projects planned over the next year buy now.  Basically, if you don't have it in inventory you may not be able to get it.  If another disruption occurs, such as another Covid outbreak or a major cyberattack new hardware components could be even harder to come by.   Small businesses might want to invest in a couple of extra computers just in case.