Privilege Creep and How to Avoid It: Insights from our talk with Lieutenant Colonel Cydridge N. Gray

It was a pleasure to have Lieutenant Colonel Cydridge Gray as a guest speaker on our podcast. He is responsible for leading more than 450 personnel across six squadrons and flights. Thank you for your service! 

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Privilege creep is the gradual accumulation of access rights beyond what an individual needs to do his or her job. In information technology, a privilege is an identified right that a particular end user has to a particular system resource, such as a file folder or virtual machine. During our recent podcast with Lieutenant Colonel Cydridge N. Gray he mentioned how this can cause major issues in organizations. BeCloud prevents this privilege creep with our customers mainly through periodic audits. Lieutenant Colonel Gray, thanks for bringing your insight and experience to our podcast audience and customers.

Why is privilege creep management important? 

The concept of privilege creep can be applied to business processes, or in some cases it is also an unintentional result of business processes. Privilege creep is a major issue for organizations. For example, the creation of one system controlling access grants access to all others in the organization. With this, a malicious user can gain access to sensitive data or resources that would otherwise be protected. Similarly, privileged user accounts can also grant access to other accounts in your organization as well.

This is a very common issue in organizations today, and is considered important by many security experts such as Lieutenant Cydridge Gray. Simply put, Privilege creep occurs when users are granted more privileges than they need for their job.

One way of preventing privilege creep is through periodic security audits and reviews. This ensures that any changes made to the systems are thoroughly researched and tested. This can also help prevent any future issues that might arise from privilege creep by finding them early on in the process. The prevention of privilege creep is important for any organization. It is often a difficult problem to prevent, but with proper planning and effort, it can be avoided.

Do you know who has privileged access on your network?

As part of our cybersecurity management processes, we manage privileged access.

James Phipps 16 June, 2022
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