The AI revolution is coming. Is your Business ready?

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. The term "artificial intelligence" was coined in 1956 by computer scientist John McCarthy and has been applied to a wide variety of systems ever since. In general, AI implements algorithms that attempt to complete tasks that are usually human ones, like building cars or recognizing speech. It is generally defined as the ability of a machine to complete tasks requiring perception, cognition, self-awareness and more complex methods such as learning and problem solving.

The benefits of artificial intelligence is that it makes tasks easier to complete and less time consuming. It also provides information in a way that is more clear than humans can do. For example, if someone's at a conference, they could use artificial intelligence to remember the speakers and provide information about them without having to write it all out during the event.

Business are using artificial intelligence today more than ever. Google's new addition to its translation service, Google Translate, is a good example of how artificial intelligence has been implemented. It allows for someone to translate a language they've never encountered before. Companies are also using artificial intelligence in their marketing strategies by using things such as chatbots to communicate with customers. This allows the company to have an easier time communicating with their customers and a lower risk of losing them or having them have complaints about their service.

Artificial intelligence has already been implemented in a wide variety of fields, from medical and banking to manufacturing. Some of the most popular examples include voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Cortana, as well as self-driving cars. Self-driving cars are great at driving on their own to pick up passengers and drop them off with little effort from the driver. They can also help with finding parking and navigate around poor light conditions.

The benefits of artificial intelligence for our health care system are numerous. Although it is still under development, artificial intelligence has the potential to be a game changer in the area of medicine.  It will allow for new personalized medicine. Also, artificial intelligence will allow for a better monitoring of patients with chronic illnesses and the ability to keep track of specialized data for each patient.

Artificial intelligence is beginning to be implemented in more and more industries. As long as it can be implemented in an accurate and efficient way, it has the potential to change nearly every industry. One example of this is in marketing. As mentioned above, companies are starting to use artificial intelligence in their marketing strategies, especially in B2B (business-to-business) marketing strategies.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. It will continue to be integrated into the world and be used with various industries. With the rise of artificial intelligence, the fields of marketing and manufacturing are going to continue to use more AI in the future. If businesses use artificial intelligence the right way, it can be a valuable tool for their organization and an essential part of their overall strategy.

James Phipps 21 April, 2022
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