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When a terrible computer crisis strikes business owners, they can't afford to wait.  They require quick and definitive steps to resolve issues.  Every help desk ticket that comes into our office is seen as an IT crisis because it decreases business productivity.  As a result, we work to respond to all tickets within an hour but most times in a matter of minutes.

A Managed Services Provider should work hard to ensure outages don't happen. But even a simple software upgrade can cause unexpected issues.  For example, Microsoft recently released KB50009557 and KB50009555 server updates that caused servers to keep rebooting every few minutes.  Those kind of issues can do more than just cripple a business; it can affect client customers.  If an outage lasts for more than a few hours, customers can feel frustrated and angry.  If the outage continues without a resolution it could cause customer end users to no longer trust the company.  BeCloud identified the server upgrade issue and prevented wide spread outages for our Managed IT customers. This was accomplished behind the scenes and without our client's knowledge.  

 At Becloud, we anticipate possible problems and fix them quickly. When unexpected issues occur, our crisis response team moves into action. This consists of multiple personnel.  The help desk personnel diagnose the problem and attempts to resolve the issue remotely first.  The request will be forwarded to a lead engineer if the issue cannot be resolved in thirty minutes or additional expertise is required.  The tickets are monitored and managed to make sure request are resolved in a timely manner.  Our goal is to not carry any tickets over into the next business day.  If the solution is complex and requires multiday work it is moved to a project where a project manager is assigned. The project manager is responsible for making sure the team is communicating effectively and everyone stays on task.

While resolving issues we keep several goals in mind:

  • COMMUNICATE - Keep stakeholders updated.
  • LISTEN - Search for root cause of issues.
  • ADAPT - Every environment and customer is different. 
  • INNOVATE - Recommend new and modern solutions to issues.

If you want solutions instead of excuses, BeCloud has the staff and internal processes to keep your technology and people working as efficiently as possible.  

James Phipps 6 February, 2022
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