The Jackson, Mississippi water crisis and the digital disconnect.
Not the politics just new ideas

We are on the outside looking in when it comes to understanding what's happening at our water plant.  But as a business owner with employees and an office located right here in Jackson, MS. We have certainly been affected by the plant issues relayed by the Mayor and Governor of Mississippi. Something more innovative than traditional siloed thinking and crisis management might do wonders for the water treatment plants serving Jackson. 

It seems that some of the issues are related to a reliance on traditional methodologies and practices instead of implementing bolder, modern and innovative systems that can warn you of impending pump failure, automation and AI that could possibly enhance reliability, and web based knowledge articles that can improve internal knowledge transfer and water plant efficiency.  This crisis hopefully will shine a light on how utilizing modern technologies could provide innovative solutions to some of the problems we face.

Amazon Web Services has several tools that could be utilized: Lambda, Event Bridge, API Gateway, AWS Kinesis  and  AWS IoT.  There are also solutions called Digital Twins that can handle real-world water lifecycle management by modeling everything.  Those systems can simulate what would happen if a pump failed at a certain time of the day.  That information could help field crews respond to issues by developing proactive action plans to limit or prevent exposure when failures occur.   Digital Transformation could be used to reduce risk, optimize operational efficiencies, and improve business processes. My question to the Mayor of Jackson and the Governor of Mississippi is what technologies do we have in place to help our people be successful on the ground with our limited resources?  If technology modernization is on the table "And It should Be", I would love to have a conversation.

James Phipps 1 September, 2022
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