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BeCloud powers business IT strategy with efficient execution.

Our technical leadership and customer-driven focus on value propels our clients and customers to new levels of profitability and efficiency.


We work with our customers to develop IT strategies that will promote higher profitability or greater social impact for our nonprofit customers.  We don't implement technologies just for the sake of implementing it.  Because we are customer driven, our sales team does not pursue projects to meet sales quotas.  Instead, we work with our customers to identify areas of improvement that will help lines of business create more value for the organization.  We utilize executive buy in so that our modernization projects can reach their full potential.  Change is not easy, but it is necessary in today's digital economy.  

We have helped customers develop strategies from simple email migration and security to full cloud migrations including online database creation.  Our strategies are developed with customer input to achieve business objectives. They result in improved client customer service and streamlined business processes of front and back-office workloads.


Our expertise in cloud infrastructure, SaaS applications and services such as Microsoft 365 and Teams along with security best practices allows us to provide innovative solutions that are "Second to None".  We continue to promote cloud first strategies because it allows for the greatest amount of innovation, agility, security, and responsiveness.  Contact us to realize the full potential of the modern digital workplace. 

Strategic Partnerships

We partner with leaders in respective digital technologies and services to provide solutions that are robust, dependable, and secure.  Below are some of the key partners for our most successful implementations.

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James Phipps 15 November, 2021
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