Windows 11 and/or Windows 10 support

No matter what version of Windows you use we can support it.

Our Managed Services does the following for your computers behind the scenes.  We also provide immediate remote support.

Stay current

Becloud makes sure that your computers stay up to date with the latest Microsoft updates to keep your devices running smoothly and securely.  Sometimes automated updates don't install correctly and we have to resolve issues manually.  This maintenance is included in our managed service agreements.

Preventive Monitoring 

By proactively monitoring disk utilization, disk errors, and several other key metrics, BeCloud can handle customer workloads efficiently.  We can head of small errors before they cause system outages.  We are constantly evolving our technology to actually automate tasks using software robots.     

Performance Improvement

Our preventive maintenance routines improves the performance of your computers giving you a better Total Cost of Ownership while also improve employee productivity.  In addition, we can make recommendations when workloads require more CPU or memory resources.

Manage Security

We get reports on daily basis from monitored network equipment. Our security personnel review the logs and reports to determine when and what steps need to be taken to resolve or prevent issues.  That is why it is important for our customers to implement the technology that we recommend because we have process in place to manage it.

James Phipps 17 November, 2021
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