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Apple pushed out new security updates this week to older iPhones and iPads addressing a remotely exploitable WebKit zero-day that allows attackers to execute arbitrary code on unpatched devices. This same exploit was patched twice in quick succession last month; once by Apple for macOS Monterey (CVE-2022-3289) then again just days later when they addressed it across all their platforms including iPhone/iPad devices.  The vulnerability targets the browser engine used by Safari and other apps when users visit specially crafted websites.

The Apple Zero-Day iOS Vulnerability has been reported in the wild but Apple remains silent on the details of these attacks.  The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has also added it to its exploited vulnerability list.

Check the Status of your phone now

Enable automatic updates

Click on Settings -> General -> Software Updates.  Make sure your device is set to auto update.

Check all your IOS devices including laptops, watches and iPhones.

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James Phipps 1 September, 2022
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