Machine Learning
security monitoring

BeCloud utilizes a software appliance to scan our companies networks who subscribe to our SecureIT managed service.  The appliance will look for suspicious user behaviors, unexpected network changes and internal threats.  This information is reported back to our Jackson, MS based Network Operations Center(NOC) where they are further analyzed by security professionals.  Our professionals then take the the necessary steps to remove vulnerabilities and/or malware.

Machine learning 

Our appliance uses "machine learning" that allows it to become "smarter" the longer it is attached to a network.  This will reduce false positives and allows our security professionals to be more efficient when responding to alerts.  We also utilize a proprietary SMART-TAG feature that allows us to identify relationships when defining security policies.

Effective protection

Our approach makes us particularly effective at fighting Advanced Persistent Threats or (APTs).  APTs lie dormant for extended periods of time, invisible to everyone performing network reconnaissance.  During this stage they identify a treasure trove of information about what computers and servers are important and where the significate data lives.  Our monitoring approach utilizing "Machine Learning" can identify and find these APTS that firewalls and antivirus may miss.  

James Phipps 1 November, 2021
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