What are APTs?
Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) lie dormant on you computer networks invisible to most AntiVirus and firewalls.  They gather information about the network and they locate important resources without raising alarm.  This flying under the radar allows malware to transmit large amounts of sensitive information.  They can also be used to send a ransomware or other sabotage event.

Don't miss the warning signs

Because the malware operates differently than most malware attacks the following subtle changes should be monitored:

  • Unexpected data traffic flows - Instead of computer to computer traffic there will be command and control traffic from the network to the malware command center.
  • An increase in logins - If employees are suddenly logging in early in the morning along with more computer to computer traffic spikes during off-peak hours this could indicate APTs are operating on the network
  • Stolen password hashes and attacks on Active Directory.  APTs seek out passwords so that they can gain access to more resources

Enable Advanced Detection

BeCloud's SecureIT will monitor daily for the warning signs through our monitoring appliance. It does this by doing the following:

  • Monitor for unexpected logins
  • Detecting newly created accounts and credentials
  • Finding PII stored on machines where it doesn't belong
  • Exposing hacker footholds
  • Exposing newly installed applications on locked down systems

All of this information is relayed back to our Network Operations Center(NOC) in Jackson, MS. 

BeCloud SecureIT managed services

Sniff out APTs before they can cause damage!

James Phipps 29 October, 2021
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