Have you ever been feverishly working online when the application stops work by demanding an immediate password-change?   You quickly proceed to enter a new password.  The application rudely tells you your password is not good enough.  It does not have enough characters, symbols, etc.  The frustration of coming up with an acceptable password so that work interruption can stop is almost unbearable!  

 Google Chrome and other browsers attempt to help by making password suggestions. The suggestions are very secure because they consist of arbitrary characters but most people would have no chance of remembering this long computer-generated string of random characters. Of course, you could use a third-party application to securely store your passwords or set your browser to remember the characters for you. 

 Today, we are introducing another alternative.  A small and simple web application that can make password suggestions based on your answer to three questions. During our testing, the application produced reasonably secure passwords.  This application is used in our Computer Security training events to show customers how to easily come up with passwords. We decided it might prove beneficial to everyone.  So we are providing it free of charge, we call the application passwordNgine.

It is coded in the Elm programming language and utilizes AWS serverless technology

 We are thrilled to provide this software to the community, and we hope you find it useful.  We will continue to add features to the application and plan to release the source code on Github for other programmers to utilize.  We will also provide some technical documentation in the future about our great experiences with the Elm programming language running on AWS infrastructure.  

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