Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft's new Surface laptop is a convenient, easy-to-use laptop.   It is advertised as a slim and stylish laptop with an all-day battery life that comes in 13.5" and 15" touchscreens.

However,  we are seeing some reports by users that the screens crack and break at random.

Usually, the customer is to blame for a laptop's screen breaking.  But, there have been claims that the Surface 3 screens can randomly crack.  The damage appears to be widespread.   Microsoft's main Reddit page is being bombarded with complaints about this reported issue.  Some disappointed customers only reported a mere crack at the base of the screen, while others claim that their laptop is rendered unusable.

Microsoft has yet to comment or confirm the issue.  There are vague claims indicating that the issue may be related to tight bolts in the laptop.  If you experience this issue, make sure you mention the other online complaints when seeking warranty repair.

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