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New Culture of Work

A new culture of work is emerging driven by 5 trends

  1. In Office -> Remote Work

  2. Routine work -> creativity and knowledge work

  3. Individual productivity -> teamwork

  4. Tolerance for complex -> hunger for simplicity

  5. Random attacks -> Sophisticated, coordinated threats

 "For the first time in human history, we have five generations in the workforce (with millennials making up 50% of workforce)."

As a result, the workforce has become increasingly diverse and mobile, with individuals working across multiple locations and multiple devices throughout the workday.

Odoo • Image and Text

Technology bridges the gap

Modern technology addresses emerging needs

  1. Remote work -> firewalls, VPN's secures remote connection

  2. Replace routine work -> automation using scripts and AI

  3. Teamwork ->  enabled by Microsoft Teams,Odoo and Video Conferencing

  4. Simple solutions -> enabled by Office 365 and System Integration

  5. Sophisticated threats -> Monitoring, Security Audits and Preventive maintenance

Enable Technology to grow business.

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