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Using The Camera Tool In Excel

08/14/2020 17:48:42 In Our Blog
The ninth part of our Excel series focus on using the Camera Tool. The camera tool allows you to take a snapshot of any selected range of data, table, or graph, and paste it as a linked picture.

Formatting Documents Continued

08/12/2020 18:19:17 In Our Blog
How to format documents in word. Short Video showing format painter, lists and more.

Digital Transformation

07/23/2020 01:53:30 In Our Blog
BeCloud uses RPA internally to deliver our services more efficiently and to improve customer satisfaction. RPA allows us to reduce errors and accomplish more with a streamlined staff.

Amazon S3

07/29/2020 16:07:48 In AWS Consulting
Discover why Amazon S3 is important. Contact us to implement it in your business!

Formatting Documents

07/22/2020 15:07:39 In Our Blog


07/20/2020 12:26:55 In Security News
Chose to protect your network from this type of Malware today!

Inserting Images in Excel

07/22/2020 15:46:13 In Our Blog

AWS Service Catalog

08/12/2020 01:18:40 In AWS Consulting
Universities and Businesses utilize service catalog to quickly approve and easily manage AWS service delivery.

The New Normal

07/14/2020 12:56:24 In Our Blog
Foster a new culture of work, and team work in your business by enabling Modern Technologies. Embrace the new normal.

Formatting Text

07/13/2020 15:41:07 In Our Blog

Creating Easy Data Entry Forms In Excel

08/06/2020 13:28:11 In Our Blog
Easier and faster Data Entry into Excel Documents.

5G Mobile Network

07/11/2020 16:27:04 In Security News

Amazon RDS on AWS Outposts

07/10/2020 14:36:07 In AWS Consulting
New and exciting, Amazon Web Services capabilities using AWS Outposts.

AWS App2Container

07/03/2020 13:14:41 In AWS Consulting
New application migration options by AWS. Use your OCI compatible containers for smoother deployment to the crowd.

Securing the IoT

07/05/2020 16:35:15 In Security News


07/07/2020 14:51:43 In Our Blog
Sixth video in our series of excel training videos.

Ubuntu's latest version

07/01/2020 01:25:05 In Our Blog

Top three recommendations and advice for newly formed business!

06/30/2020 22:18:53 In Our Blog
Call on the expert technologist at Becloud to help get your business startup on solid footing.

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