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Fraction Formatting

06/05/2020 19:02:08 In Our Blog

Pivot Tables and Charts

05/23/2020 18:22:40 In Our Blog

Hostage Data

05/18/2020 17:20:36 In Security News

AWS Cloud Migration

04/23/2020 20:40:03 In AWS Consulting
Revolutionize the way your business runs. Plan your cloud migration strategy today!

Microsoft Universal Print

04/18/2020 02:43:10 In Our Blog
The Becloud organization has just received confirmation that we will be one of the first organizations to test out this new 365 subscription service from Microsoft! We will keep you updated on how this preview goes.

Free Serverless Web Application

04/17/2020 22:25:41 In Our Blog
A small and simple web application that can make password suggestions based on your answer to three questions. Coded in the Elm programming Language utilizing AWS serverless technology

Unboxing the iPad Pro

04/01/2020 01:04:09 In Our Blog
Unboxing the new 2020 iPad Pro!

Remote Work "Video Conferencing"

03/31/2020 16:34:53 In Security News
Many Americans are hunkered down at home doing God's work by not spreading the coronavirus. Now we have some bad actors that are taking advantage of web conferencing platforms such as Zoom to hijack web meetings.


03/31/2020 14:05:47 In AWS Consulting
We highly recommend AWS SFTP and will look for opportunities to utilize the service for all our data migration, file sharing with third-parties and data lake projects!

Modern Workplace

03/26/2020 15:02:34 In Our Blog
Do not purchase cheap, outdated, under optimized equipment that will cost your business more in productivity losses. Instead, choose modern desktops and technology solutions

BeCloud's Free online Cybersecurity Self-Assessment tool

03/09/2020 04:50:46 In Security News
No matter the industry or size businesses can no longer afford to take cyber-security for granted. This quick assessment will evaluate how well your business is protected from cyber-security risks. Take advantage of this free offer now.

Teamwork powered by technology

03/06/2020 17:47:15 In Our Blog
Agile organizations need agile infrastructure built on the cloud to support today's work force. Cloud technologies can decrease the e-mail search problem due to an organizational change.

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